edito PR Industrie
Benoit Chavet

“From constant development in our labs to the sharp delivery management on all continents”

It is a rare thing that the pioneer of an industrial process still remains world leader after nearly three decades. How are we still given trust all over the planet? Why do we keep on increasing our investments, our production capacities?

The desire to permanently keep the pace with the evolutions of our world drives the daily tempo of PR Industrie teams and is an obvious answer to these questions.

From constant development in our labs to the sharp delivery management on all continents… From the demanding environmental concern of our manufacturing techniques to the rigorous certification of our products… our sales engineers, chemistry researchers and production managers in our facilities in France work in coordination to meet the requirements of each client. Because each client has his own expectations.

Every new road, port, airport and industrial infrastructure shall address the requirements of traffic, climate, geography and local standards, hence those of the final projects of engineers, contractors, investors who are our clients, loyal or new.

We work hand in hand, in confidence and constant dialog with our clients, relying on an already strong industrial experience and a recognized flexibility guaranteeing the best value-for-money in the short, medium and long term.

Our additives for the modification of asphalt concrete mixes’ characteristics will address any issues faced on your future projects, large and small.

Benoît Chavet
PR Industrie