edito PR Industrie

A know-how in constant evolution

The additives designed and developed by PR Industrie have long proven their efficiency on projects worldwide.

The investments in Research remain an important element in our development, and go hand in hand with the evolution of our industrial capacities. Intervening in the world of asphalt over 25 years, our technical experience and our support on your projects drive us towards achievements in many areas of the world where the problems faced can be very diverse. 

Compatible with any types of bitumen and aggregate, our additives are certified so as to address various normative requirements. Our asphalt formulation and control laboratories are the warranty of quality work, providing an approved expertise.

A reliable and supporting partner

From road and highway projects to seaport or airport pavements, from infrastructure construction to industrial platforms, PR Industrie products optimise the efficiency and durability of asphalt pavements. Each client has his own normative requirements and can rely on PR Industrie’s support, from the project’s origin to final completion. From lab to jobsite, PR Industrie positions itself as a renowned and reliable supplier but more importantly as a mindful and active partner by your side.

PR Industrie has developed a powerful production facility that allows to promptly respond to all your requests. Moreover our storage capacity permits a flexible and quick fulfilment of your needs. Our customers can rely on our exigency and the guarantee of quality that we apply to our productions.